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 Our brand started with an idea in early 2016 for a belt to match the classic New England Boat Shoe.  After gathering a lot of scrap leather, some crafting tools and a sewing machine, the BoatSide belt was born.  A belt not only to match your favorite pair of boat shoes, but to wear with what ever mocs, sandals or boots you have in your collection.  A belt to wear to any outing or country club, on any boat ride or excursion.   A belt that all started with an American dream.    

  All of our products are made in Manhattan, one of the fashion capitals of the world.  Every thing we sell is handcrafted by American hands like yours and ours. Hard working men and women who's workmanship and dedication make up this great nation.  We are proud to have such a unique company, and to be a first at what we do.  But most of all we are proud that all of our products made right here at home in the USA.  So get ready to jump aboard and set sail with us on our great journey of making this dream happen in the finest country on earth. 

BoatSide USA
 An American Made Original

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